Tirupati Cable Industries, Delhi-110094, are the principal manufacturer of  RELIANCE®CABLES. From over four decades it has expanded considerabely and at present covers wide range of wires & cables such as PVC insulated wires, PVC insulated & PVC sheathed armoured and unarmoured cables, Control cables, Railway signalling  cables, Mining cables, Shipping Cables, Multi-core flexible cables, House wiring cables, F.R.L.S. Cables, Telephone Cables, ACSR & AAC conductors, Aerial Bunched Cables etc....

®CABLES means quality product. The quality of cable is maintained at the highest level with the introduction of latest processing techniques and testing procedures. The inprocess quality control tests are carried out at various stages of manufacturing.

Tirupati Cable Industries is registered with S.S.I., B.H.E.L., and various other Government & PrivateDepartments.
 It has been granted I.S.I. License No. CM/L 2410635 for cables covered under IS: 694(1990), I.S.I. License No. CM/L     8022959 for cables covered under IS:1554 (Part-1), & License No. CM/L 8969116 for the cables covered under     IS:7098 (Part-I) with latest ammendments.

 It has sufficient machineries for manufacturing :
All types of PVC Wire & Cables with Copper / Aluminium conductors, Armoured/Unarmoured upto 4Core*630 Sq.mm & Single core upto 1000 Sq.mm
Control cables upto 91 cores.
Telephone pair cables Armoured/Unarmoured upto 200 pairs.
A.C.S.R. Conductors upto PANTHER & MOOSE.
Any type of special cables as per the requirements
Tirupati Cable Industries has a Testing Laboratory that is equipped with Latest modernized testing equipments for testing the entire process from raw material to finished     products.
It is supplying its quality products to the various customers throughout India according to their specifiations and satisfaction.

RELIANCE®CABLES are marked with I.S.I. mark, a symbol of quality product most suitable to the conditions and atmosphere of our country. RELIANCE®CABLES are manufactured strictly according to the Indian Standards, and are approved by the BUREAU OF INDIAN STANDARDS. This approval is given only after the full investigation by the BUREAU OF INDIAN STANDARDS into the methods of manufacturing and the facilities available for testing and quality control.